joseph h. pilates


joseph pilates was born in germany in 1880. pilates suffered many ailments as a child, and he dedicated his life to improve his physical condition. he studied body-building, yoga, and gymnastics and later on became a professional diver, circus-performer, and self-defense trainer.

after world war i, he collaborated with dance and physical training experts such as rudolf laban.

in about 1925, he emigrated to the united states where he met his wife, clara and founded the studio in new york city, which is now known as the true pilates studio- new York on west 59th street. it was there he taught and supervised many students from george balanchine, martha graham, and alike, including his protege romana kryzanowska, a former ballet dancer who carried on the original method through out her lifetime and passed it on to her daughter sari meija-santo.

today, pilates is practiced as a form of rehabilitation and physical well-being by dancers, athletes, fitness professionals, as well as the general public, but there are only a few dozen studios that continue to uphold the authentic method around the world.

1880年 − ヨーゼフ・ピラテスはドイツで生まれる。彼はくる病、喘息、リウマチ熱などに苦しむ幼年時代であったが、病を克服するためにいくつもの身体訓練法やスポーツ、ボディビルディング、ヨーガ、体操などを学び、後にプロのダイバー、サーカス·パフォーマー、そして自己防衛のトレーナーになる。


1925年 − アメリカに移民することを選ぶ。アメリカへの途上、未来の妻クラーラと出会い、現在ツルー•ピラティス•ニューヨークと知られるスタジオ/ジムを開設した。




First generation- 第一世代

     Joseph Pilates & Clara- ジョーセフ・ピラティス & クラーラ(1883−1967)

first generation- 第一世代

     Romana Kryzanowska- ロマーナ クリザノスカ(1923−2013)


     Sari Meija Santo- シャリー サント

third generation- 第三世代

     Haruno Yamazaki- 山崎晴野